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We met Sung Kang at Saketini

Today for lunch we went to Sung Kang’s restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, Saketini. While there we were fortunate enough to meet Sung Kang (Tokyo Drift). I introduced myself and told him we had just moved from Indiana to Los Angeles. I mentioned my site and he said it was nice to meet us, then he left the restaurant. I (Rob) was very excited to meet him.

Eric at Saketini was the best host ever, great job Eric it was a pleasure to meet you.

Karen talks about her favorites from Saketini.

Allyson gives a shout out to Matthew.

We also visited the La Brea Tar Pits, very cool.

And in celebration of meeting Sung Kang today our family movie was Tokyo Drift, our first time watching it in California and my 166th time watching it.

Missing Scenes Edition 001, Han and Dom

At the end of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift we learn that Dom won the car he’s driving from Han a few years earlier. This is the scene that follows Han losing his precious “Hammer,” a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.

[ A few years before the end of Tokyo Drift ]

Just as the race at the end of Tokyo Drift, today’s race between goods friends Han and Dom can be titled as Epic. In a race that Han thought he was certain to win, Dom pulls a move at the end that makes everyone gasp. The dialog that follows is what happens when Han and Dom exit their vehicles.

[ The crowd is yelling and clapping, Dom holds out his hand as Han walks towards him, Han drops the keys to his Plymouth into Dom’s hand ]

Dom: [ smiling ] Pleasure doing business!

Han: Enjoy it because that’s the only car you’ll ever win from me.

Dom: What are you saying, I’ll never beat you again?

Han: From now on I’m not racing unless it’s for something important.

Dom: Well at least everyone knows who the better driver is.

Han: Winning doesn’t make you the better driver, it just proves you’re faster that’s all.

Dom: [ in a ribbing manner ] Then how about the winner but not necessarily the better driver buy you a beer.

Han: [ with his head hanging a bit ] Sounds good, I need something to wash this feeling of loss away. You’ll take good care of my car won’t you?

Dom: Are you kidding? I’ll cherish this car long after you’re gone.

[ Cut ]


Lucas Black

Lucas Black is 27 years old today, Happy Birthday Lucas.

Here’s a list of other cast and crew members birthdays, sorted by month.

Alden Ray “Alden” March 7th (confirmed by Alden)

Bow Wow “Twinkie” March 9th, 1987

Brian Tee “DK” March 15th, 1976

Sung Kang “Han” April 8th, 1972

Brian Tyler “Composer” May 8th (confirmed by Brian)

Jason Tobin “Earl” June 12

Keiko Kitagawa “Reiko” August 22nd, 1986

Nathalie Kelley “Neela” October 5th, 1985 (confirmed by Nathalie)

Justin Lin “Director” October 11th, 1971

Leonardo Nam “Morimoto” November 5th, 1979 (confirmed by Leonardo)

Lucas Black “Sean Boswell” November 29th, 1982

Tokyo Drift 150

In celebration of Fast & Furious being released today I follow my viewing of it with my 150 viewing of Tokyo Drift.

Tokyo Drift 150

It’s obvious that Han had plenty of time from when he left Dom in Fast & Furious to the beginning of Tokyo Drift to build not only his crew but his garage. And he earned a lot of respect by his crew.

I look forward to Justin Lin taking us back to Tokyo in the next Fast & Furious movie, I can only hope.

It’s the same Han

This article shows that not only is Han (played by actor Sung Kang) from, Better Luck Tomorrow, the same Han in, Tokyo Drift, but it shows that in both movies he lives exactly the same lifestyle.

Better Luck Tomorrow, is a 2003 movie directed by Justin Lin. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, is a 2006 movie directed by Justin Lin.

One of the lines from Better Luck Tomorrow, “Rumors about us came Fast and Furious!”

han leaning on car, blt han leaning on car, td
BLT: Han leaning on car waiting for Virgil from school. TD: Han leaning on car waiting for Sean from school.

han with sexy women, blt han with sexy women, td
BLT: Han hanging out with sexy women. TD: Han hanging out with sexy women.

han with a lot of cash, blt han with a lot of cash, td
BLT: Han with a lot of cash. TD: Han with a lot of cash.

han smoking, blt han snacking, td
In the commentary of Tokyo Drift on DVD Justin Lin says the following: “There’s Sung with his oral fixation, um, when we did the indy movie, his character smoked, you know, pretty much every other shot, and here because this is a big studio movie, no cigerettes for the main character, and uhh heh, so we had to kinda heh, make sure he’s always snacking.”

han gambling with friends, blt han gambling with friends, td
BLT: Han smoking and gambling with his friends. TD: Han snacking and gambling with his friends.

han drinking a beer, blt han drinking a beer, td
BLT: Han relaxing and drinking a beer with his crew. TD: Han relaxing and drinking a beer with his crew.

han partying with friends, blt han partying with friends, td
BLT: Han smoking and partying with his friends. TD: Han snacking and partying with his friends.

han with gun to head, blt han with gun to head, td
BLT: Han with a gun to his head. TD: Han with a gun to his head.

hans crew
Hans Crew: The 1st man in this pic, Jason J. Tobin, played Virgil in BLT & Earl in Tokyo Drift.

The 3rd man in this pic, Alden Ray, played Ulden in BLT & Alden in Tokyo Drift.

The 4th man in this pic, Jimmy Lin, played “a jock” in BLT & Jimmy in Tokyo Drift.

Justin Lin and Sung Kang’s inside joke is that Han went to Tokyo after Better Luck Tomorrow but we learn that he doesn’t leave for Tokyo until after Han and Dom split up in Fast & Furious (a prequel to Tokyo Drift).