Missing Scenes Edition 001, Han and Dom

At the end of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift we learn that Dom won the car he’s driving from Han a few years earlier. This is the scene that follows Han losing his precious “Hammer,” a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.

[ A few years before the end of Tokyo Drift ]

Just as the race at the end of Tokyo Drift, today’s race between goods friends Han and Dom can be titled as Epic. In a race that Han thought he was certain to win, Dom pulls a move at the end that makes everyone gasp. The dialog that follows is what happens when Han and Dom exit their vehicles.

[ The crowd is yelling and clapping, Dom holds out his hand as Han walks towards him, Han drops the keys to his Plymouth into Dom’s hand ]

Dom: [ smiling ] Pleasure doing business!

Han: Enjoy it because that’s the only car you’ll ever win from me.

Dom: What are you saying, I’ll never beat you again?

Han: From now on I’m not racing unless it’s for something important.

Dom: Well at least everyone knows who the better driver is.

Han: Winning doesn’t make you the better driver, it just proves you’re faster that’s all.

Dom: [ in a ribbing manner ] Then how about the winner but not necessarily the better driver buy you a beer.

Han: [ with his head hanging a bit ] Sounds good, I need something to wash this feeling of loss away. You’ll take good care of my car won’t you?

Dom: Are you kidding? I’ll cherish this car long after you’re gone.

[ Cut ]

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