Han’s Garage Tokyo Drift

Han’s Garage was the last one I found. The reason I found it was because the same garage (empty of course) was used in a recent episode of Life. When I saw him standing outside the garage I knew exactly what it was. Now came the hard part of finding it. Since Tokyo Drift (and Life) were filmed in Los Angeles, California I figured I could narrow it down because of the bridge that stands next to the garage. After about 3 hours I found it. And what’s funny is when I found it I didn’t wonder if that could be it I just knew. Click the image to see it in Google Maps.


3 thoughts on “Han’s Garage Tokyo Drift”

  1. In Season 2, Episode 6 of Life, “Han’s Garage” plays an important role during a hostage situation. Several mistakes were made during filming.

    The first mistake was that Crews and Reese parked their Maserati in direct view of where the hostage is tied to a chair without noticing her.

    They then entered the building by walking around to the back when they could have entered directly through one of the 3 open garage doors.

    When Crews and Reese finally enter the garage, the driver’s side door of the Maserati is wide open. Later in the scene the car door is closed.

    In Season 2, Episode 9, the 6th Street Bridge is shown in several scenes. The closing scene takes place 100 yards southwest of Han’s Garage, but the garage is not in view.

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