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Midnight Club Los Angeles

One of my favorite genres of video games is racing. You get in you get out, race over. Next race. I’ve had my favorite race games through the years but those I liked most, PGR, Burnout, didn’t have body customization. Then I got Midnight Club Los Angeles for the Xbox 360. Not only does the game have a Burnout feel but it looks great like PGR. One of the things I like most is the open, living city.

So when I picked up Midnight Club Los Angeles my one and only goal was to get the Mitsubishi EVO, and then tune it to death. After I finally got the EVO I decided to checkout some of the custom vinyls that people had done within the game that were for sale. I had a killer grin on my face when I saw the APR vinyls on a red EVO. I bought that car immediately and then proceeded to fix what was wrong with it. It had many parts that weren’t as close to the Tokyo Drift EVO Sean drove as they could be. So after changing the wheels, ride height, front spoiler, rear spoiler and a few other things I had the closest thing to the Tokyo Drift EVO the game could give me.

One of the interesting aspects of Midnight Club Los Angeles is that a large portion of Tokyo Drift was filmed in Los Angeles, CA. None of the locations used in the movie are within the boundries of the game. Maybe one would be if they had modeled it correctly.

I race this car against everything, I don’t care about losing, I just want to drive this car. Below are a couple of in game pics of my actual EVO in Midnight Club Los Angeles.