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Han’s Garage is in Grease

We went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Grease Sing-a-Long & Sha Na Na was the musical opener. Frenchy (Didi Conn) was also there.

2014-07-13 19-33-00 This was my first time seeing Grease & while watching the race scene, of course it would be that scene, I noticed Han’s Garage.

Han's Garage is in grease 2Tokyo Drift screen shot you can see the roof shape for Han’s Garage.

Han's Garage is in GreaseGrease screen shot above in the upper right corner is Han’s Garage.

Both of these movies filmed scenes at the 6th St Bridge.

Han’s Garage Tokyo Drift

Han’s Garage was the last one I found. The reason I found it was because the same garage (empty of course) was used in a recent episode of Life. When I saw him standing outside the garage I knew exactly what it was. Now came the hard part of finding it. Since Tokyo Drift (and Life) were filmed in Los Angeles, California I figured I could narrow it down because of the bridge that stands next to the garage. After about 3 hours I found it. And what’s funny is when I found it I didn’t wonder if that could be it I just knew. Click the image to see it in Google Maps.


Parking Garage Tokyo Drift

When I originally looked for the parking garage I really thought it was in Tokyo. I examined all of the business signs from the scene on top of the parking garage. After few hours I gave up. A few weeks later I decided to look for it again. This time I looked online for clues as to where it might be. A tip that they used a closed Mall on Hawthorne Blvd led me to the Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles, California. I immediately recognized the location and knew it was it.

The mall garage has several curved ramps but the curved ramp next the yellow pin is the drift ramp that was used in the movie. The lower garage was used in the racing scenes where they were drifting around the straight aways. Click the image to see it in Google Maps.