Han’s Garage is in Grease

We went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Grease Sing-a-Long & Sha Na Na was the musical opener. Frenchy (Didi Conn) was also there.

2014-07-13 19-33-00 This was my first time seeing Grease & while watching the race scene, of course it would be that scene, I noticed Han’s Garage.

Han's Garage is in grease 2Tokyo Drift screen shot you can see the roof shape for Han’s Garage.

Han's Garage is in GreaseGrease screen shot above in the upper right corner is Han’s Garage.

Both of these movies filmed scenes at the 6th St Bridge.

One thought on “Han’s Garage is in Grease”

  1. Han’s garage is also visible in the 2000 version of Gone in Sixty Seconds immediately after the scene where Nicholas Cage’s character jumps the Eleanor Mustang over a line of cars. The scene is about 1 hour 40 minutes into the movie.

    The main garage used in Gone in Sixty Seconds is located on the same lot. I found it on a hunch after discovering that the land was owned by 590 Santa Fe Studios.

    I have a hunch that the Gone in 60 Seconds garage was created on a computer because I can’t find it on any old satellite maps and it looks like it’s located on top of the railroad tracks. It’s also possible that the outside of the building was only a plywood facade.

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