Best lines from Tokyo Drift

For my 145th viewing of Tokyo Drift I thought it would be a good idea write down the best lines from the film.


00:03:10 Cindy, “Nice Ride.” Sean, “It does the job” Cindy, “What job, delivering pizzas?” Sean, “Well, it’s not the ride, it’s the rider.”

00:10:02 Sean, (watching a video of himself jumping his car) “Can I get a copy of that?”

00:19:03 Twinkie, “Japanese food is like the Army. Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

00:24:09 Han, “What’s with you and the schoolgirls, D? You’re moving up in the world. You gotta elevate your company.”

00:25:18 DK, “You know who I am, boy?” Sean, “Yeah. You’re like the Justin Timberlake of Japan, right?”


00:26:39 Sean, “Can he drive?” Twinkie, “Can he drive? You know what DK stands for?” Sean, “Donkey Kong?”

00:37:16 Han, “You’re in the pickup and delivery business now. I might call you once a week or once an hour. I don’t care if you’re sick as a dog or in bed with Beyonce. I call, you show.”

00:40:15 Sean, “You really need to stop following me around.” Neela, “What are you doing here?” Sean, “I thought I’d stop by and ask your boyfriend for some drifting lessons.”

00:41:10 Han, “Why can’t you go find a nice Japanese girl like the rest of the white guys around here?”

00:41:52 Han, “50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.”

00:42:19 Sean, “Why are you letting me race?” Han, “Cause you’re DK’s kryptonite. And you owe me a car.”

00:42:59 Han, “Police cars here are only factory-tuned. You can do better than 180 k, they can’t catch you, so they don’t even try.”

00:46:09 Han, “The red EVO’s yours.” Sean, “What do you mean?” Han, “You’re representing me now. What you think, I’m gonna let you roll in a Hyundai?”

00:47:09 Earl, “My mother, she’s blind in one eye and she can drift better than that.”

00:48:20 Major Boswell, “You know, Sean, the Japanese have a saying. The nail that sticks out gets hammered.”

00:51:07 Earl, “Hey, Han, sort this wanker out.” Twinkie, “Wanker?” Han, “What do I look like, a zebra?”


00:51:19 Sean, “So, how did you end up over here, anyway?” Han, “Well, you know those old Westerns where the cowboys make a run for the border? (Sean nods his head) This is my Mexico.”

00:51:55 Han, “You know, who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are.”

00:52:25 Han, “Life’s simple. You make choices and you don’t look back.”

00:54:11 Han, “There’s no ‘wax on, wax off’ with drifting. Learn by doin’ it.”

00:54:50 Twinkie, “I’m so good, man, I could sell rubbers to a monk.”

00:59:58 Sean, But I realize now, outsider or insider it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is knowing what you really want and going after it.”

01:03:03 Han, “What’d you expect? You didn’t just play with fire, you soaked the matches in gasoline.”

01:05:03 DK, “Difference is I know who I am and where I belong. Do you know who you are? Do you know where you belong?”

01:07:48 Kamata, “There’s an old saying: For the want of a nail… the horseshoe was lost. For the want of a horseshoe, the steed was lost. For the want of a steed… the message was not delivered. For the want of an undelivered massage… the war was lost.”

01:22:20 Kamata, “You think you can walk in here, dump some cash and walk out?”

01:26:10 Twinkie, “DK picked this road for a reason. This is his mountain. He’s the only one to ever make it to the bottom.”


01:35:39 Sean, “Nice ride.” Dom, “I won it from our friend Han, a few years ago.” Sean, “I didn’t know he was into American muscle.” Dom, “He was when he was rolling with me.”

01:36:54 Sean, “You know this ain’t no 10-second race.” Dom, “I got nothing but time. (engines revving) You ready, kid?”

Deleted Scenes

Where’s my fizz?: Twinkie, “Where’s my fizz?”

Wasabi: Sean, (after eating Twinkie’s wasabi) “Raised on habaneros, bro. Radishes ain’t gonna cut it.”

Golf Drift: Earl, “Twinkie, you drive a minivan and you can’t drift. Han, what is this, like the Special Olympics of drifting?”

Happy Birthday to Han: Neela, “There’s no right or wrong in drifting. How you drift is who you are. It’s like fingerprints. Everyone’s different.”

Midnight Club Los Angeles

One of my favorite genres of video games is racing. You get in you get out, race over. Next race. I’ve had my favorite race games through the years but those I liked most, PGR, Burnout, didn’t have body customization. Then I got Midnight Club Los Angeles for the Xbox 360. Not only does the game have a Burnout feel but it looks great like PGR. One of the things I like most is the open, living city.

So when I picked up Midnight Club Los Angeles my one and only goal was to get the Mitsubishi EVO, and then tune it to death. After I finally got the EVO I decided to checkout some of the custom vinyls that people had done within the game that were for sale. I had a killer grin on my face when I saw the APR vinyls on a red EVO. I bought that car immediately and then proceeded to fix what was wrong with it. It had many parts that weren’t as close to the Tokyo Drift EVO Sean drove as they could be. So after changing the wheels, ride height, front spoiler, rear spoiler and a few other things I had the closest thing to the Tokyo Drift EVO the game could give me.

One of the interesting aspects of Midnight Club Los Angeles is that a large portion of Tokyo Drift was filmed in Los Angeles, CA. None of the locations used in the movie are within the boundries of the game. Maybe one would be if they had modeled it correctly.

I race this car against everything, I don’t care about losing, I just want to drive this car. Below are a couple of in game pics of my actual EVO in Midnight Club Los Angeles.




When Han is showing Sean what he’s going to be doing around Tokyo to pay him back for the car he wrecked they stop at DK’s hangout. Morimoto makes fun of Sean’s racing which leads DK to bet Han that Morimoto can beat Sean to which Han says “I’m ready to take that 86 Corolla off your hands.”

The AE-86 has been made famous by comics and movies. Mostly known for it’s appearance in the movie Initial D. Below are some images of the very cool looking AE-86 (grey 2-door hatchback) that was the basis for the 3rd major race in the movie.







Han’s Garage Tokyo Drift

Han’s Garage was the last one I found. The reason I found it was because the same garage (empty of course) was used in a recent episode of Life. When I saw him standing outside the garage I knew exactly what it was. Now came the hard part of finding it. Since Tokyo Drift (and Life) were filmed in Los Angeles, California I figured I could narrow it down because of the bridge that stands next to the garage. After about 3 hours I found it. And what’s funny is when I found it I didn’t wonder if that could be it I just knew. Click the image to see it in Google Maps.


The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift