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Update 2014-05-17 Car Discussion with Sung Kang – Special Guest JUSTIN LIN

Update 2014-03-18, As much fun as it was to speculate & try to keep Han alive with my theory & your comments, the end of Fast 6 put an end to our fun. Han was alive for Fast 4, Fast 5, Fast 6 & Tokyo Drift & that concludes his story line.

2011-05-14 Before we begin I want to make sure everyone understands the chronological story order of the movies.

1. The Fast and the Furious (release date 2001)

2. 2 Fast 2 Furious (release date 2003)

3. Fast & Furious (release date 2009 prequel)

5. Fast Five (release date 2011 prequel)

6. Fast Six (release date 2013 prequel)

7. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (release date 2006) We don’t know what happens after Tokyo Drift.

The worst part of Tokyo Drift was Han’s car accident. However, we never saw a funeral and other than a few people saying Han was dead there were never any scenes to prove it. It’s as if that’s what Han wanted them to believe. Think about it, he had a guy wanting to kill him and he just had an accident that would have them believing he was dead. It was a great plan since he needed time to heal and call in support, Dom.

The scene below is the end of the chase for Sean and Neela when they lose control and back into other cars. Right after this scene Han’s car hit from the side, lifted and flipped.

In the scene below Han has already been hit by another car and is hanging upside down presumably by his seat belt. It easy to assume a bystander is actually next to car reaching in for Han at this exact moment.

Between the above and below scene you will notice that enough time has passed that there are many bystanders. One bystander has already pulled Han from the car. Even in Han’s distressed state he is capable of getting to his feet and escaping from the accident under the cover of the flames of the explosion. Sean and DK are incapable of seeing Han from their vantage point because they’re on the opposite side with the explosion and flames between them.

The events of Fast & Furious (Letty’s possible death) and Fast Five (Letty’s possible escape) happen before Tokyo Drift (because they’re prequels) so we can assume that Han learned a trick or two from Letty about escaping a car that’s about to explode and then they disappear.

If Sean could see through the flames in the scene below he would see Han in the distance moving away from the accident. However, Sean would be looking down at the car thinking Han is still in it. Sean would not be looking straight ahead to the other side of the car.

Clearly enough time has passed that there are bystanders all around the accident. In a way I feel like for that to have happened some scenes were cut. Without cut scenes it’s still possible for Han to escape, however, it’s even easier when you realize for that many bystanders to be around more time elapsed than we were shown.

The scene below could be Han looking back and seeing Sean through the flames as he moved away from the explosion.

If DK could see through the flames in the scene below he would see Han in the distance moving away from the accident.

The scene below shows the distance and size of the flames after the explosion from Sean and Neela. By the time Neela reaches Sean, Han has already escaped the accident scene completely.

In following scenes we see Dom has shown up wanting to race Sean. Twinkie never indicates whether he knows Dom so I’m going to assume he actually does. The way Twinkie delivers his lines is more based on the fact that he knows Sean doesn’t know who Dom is. After Dom and Sean’s race I can imagine them going to a secret location to talk and Dom revealing that Han is alive and well, and they have a job.

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  1. The Great Han definitely lives on! His bad
    ass drifting is epic! If a cat has 9 lives. Han is immortal! Han is def a Fast and Furiously dangerous! it’s prequel so The Great Han
    of Tokyo Drift will continue with his sexy drifting skills! saranghae Han! iloveu Fast and Furious! vvrrooommm

  2. LOL. That is pretty funny! Interesting way too look at it though. Maybe it did happen that way…

  3. Considering the role he played not only in Tokyo Drift, but also in Fast Five and Fast & Furious, it wouldn’t be a suprise for him to return in the next Fast and the Furious, Especially since in the post-credits of Fast Five, Letty is showed to have survived a similar fate and then upped and dissapeared.

  4. XD well I definetly think that Han is alive! so I agree, that could be the way that all of that happened, if not how Dom knew about a new DK and where and who to ask for him?!
    Saranghae HAN!!!

  5. your above scenario is exactly what I thought after just watching FF3 again immediately after watching FF5 – after Han escapes he then sends Dom to check up on his new buddy Sean at the end of FF3 and Dom then reveals to Sean that Han is alive and well – Letty, Sean, Han, BW could all easily be back for FF6 – seeing as the series is all about tricking the bad guys the above scenario makes perfect sense ! Also in FF6 I would love to see Cole Hauser from FF2 come back – dude was waay cool

  6. That’s not actually true, fast five is a prequel and is set before tokyo drift. So I’ve assumed that Han got all the money for the stuff he had in tokyo drift by doing that job. If you notice on the end of fast five he told the chick they will eventually get to Japan and on tokyo drift Han says that he doesn’t need money, all he needs is good people around him.

    Ofcourse that may also be interpreted in another way. Han could have gotten all the money from stealing DK in tokyo drift and then run away from the crash site like it was explained, and then he would tell the chick that they will get to Japan, eventually because he would be back and people would find out he’s not dead and stuff like that.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  7. Woah guys epic idea, what if letty staged it with Han, i mena lets face it han makes a clumsy error he would never make

  8. Doesn’t Tokyo Drift take place between Fast And Furious and Fast Five…

    I think after they steal the gas in Fast and Furious, they are on the beach splitting the take and Han says to Dom that they are doing some cool racing in Tokyo and he’s going to check it out.

  9. i think we should wait until fast 6 comes out in 2013 in july and they will explain the movie or else they would loose alot of fans

  10. i agree with pedro. because if fast five would of happened before tokyo drift wouldnt he taken the girl in lexus lfa with him???

  11. Please let Han live!! He’s bad ass, and it was kinda quick build up to the Nephew hating him, seems odd to have killed off such an influential character to quickly. And Please let Han still be with Gal Gadot! Because she is hot! aha.
    As soon as I heard the music from Dom’s car (before we saw him) I knew straight away it was him. Latinnoooo!! I hope he wins the race, and that we see more of OConnor and Mia, but they’re Mum and Dad now so we’ll see. And then the whole thing about Letty not being dead! Man this is intenseee!!!! :DDD

  12. I can agree with the Han deal but not letty man. You can see right off hand she was shot. Fenix shoots her when she comes out of the car. I have another thought though. The feds knew it was way to dangerous for a civilian so they have an agent under go plastic surgery still keeping to the deal about Dom if it works. She finds out she’s supposed to be dead so she does the first thing she thinks of to get Dom’s attention.

  13. I hope han is still alive, because i Think sung kang is the best Actor In the movie and his character is so good and important for the movie. But then it could also be Nice to see Dom, Sean and Han work together i one of the new movies. It’s lovly to see that i’m not the only one there would like to see Han In a Fast and furious again.

  14. The scene where we see Fenix shoot her was made up in Dom’s mind. He was imagining what happened. However, I like like your other idea. Very nice.

  15. You People Are Clearly All Delusional Because It Is Clear To See Han Upside Down In The Car Exactly Before The Explosion Goes Off And He Is Too Injured To Move So Unless He Can Teleport Or Can Move Faster Than Sonic He Is Dead.

    However I Do Hope He Survives As He Is One Of The Best Characters In The Series And One Of My Favourate So Unless He Get Gets Help Fats When Sean Is Running Towards Him Or They Re-edit The Scene In A Sequel Which Would 100% Work Then That Is Fine With Me And Good Points From The Editor Just Hope The Producers Listen.

    PS: When Letty Scene It Was Dom Imagining How It Happened Not 100% Canon And If Someone Tried To Grab Han Then He Would Not Be Able To Move Him Because Of His Injury’s And Both Would Die From The Explosion But We Do Not See The Explosion The Other Side ?

  16. “In both Fast & Furious and Fast Five Han mentions that he hasn’t been to Tokyo Yet.”


    the girl in lexus lfa at end of FAST FIVE sais: dont you wanna go back to tokyo?

    go BACK, so he already was there.

  17. You are mistaken, here what they say.

    Gisele “So where to now?”
    Han “I don’t know, never been to Madrid.”
    Gisele “I thought you wanted to go to Tokyo?”
    Han “We’ll get there, eventually.”

    At the end of Fast Five Han has never been to Tokyo.

  18. Well, he says “We’ll get there, eventually”, which means both of them together. Doesn’t mean he’s never been there.

  19. Pete & Mat, you’re reading too much into it. There’s no innuendo. He’s never been to Tokyo because Fast Five is a prequel. Justin Lin has a plan to make sure Tokyo Drift fits 100% with the rest of the franchise even if it came earlier and seemed out of place. That’s why Lin is building the relationship between all of the crew.

    In an upcoming F&F movie Lin will tie the entire thing together and move past Tokyo Drift. Will Han continue to be part of the franchise after Tokyo Drift, his popularity is in his favor.

    Thanks for commenting and enjoying Tokyo Drift with me.

  20. This is what I think about this topic. The biggest issue is that when they were filming TD nobody thought about sequel, and it is kind of a action and drama film so someone had to die to show danger of drifting and underground racing. But you make sequel blockbluster like Fast Five and Justin Lin has to move further after TD. If FF6 is going to be prequel with stroy to FF3 people will start wonder( omG is TD happening 10 years after Fast Five). Although i think they are going to make mini intro movie of Letty’s escape or Han’s real ending. If you look at Sean’s face he is like seeing ghost and we SAW DK smiling in movie. Here he isn’t expressing dominance over rival or happiness it is more like this is not over yet face. Sean left scene because of cops and noone witnesses his corpse. In meantime Han could’ve been replaced with someone similar to him. Of course when flipped car scene happens we can clearly see Han is in. But that doesn’t match with Sean’s reaction. Also when Dom appeared he wasn’t that upset although Han was like his brother. But I guess they will re-edit his death scene beacuse they will need him for Fast and Furious 6. I just hope FF6 is happening after FF3 so we won’t need to wait for another two years to found out solution of our problem. If Letty died and if I remember good Mia called Dom to say him LETTY is dead she is out there. At end my guess is that Han will be brought back because Justin Lin never thought of so great sequels and only way to fix that is re-editing his scene or magic escape. But it is Hollywood and everything is possible.

  21. Wow I was totally thinking something along the lines of this too. Just putting my two cents in but I really do hope that the next two F&F movies play out something similar to what I’m about to write.

    Ok so let me start with the car explosion that “supposedly” killed Han.
    So as mentioned, there is a small time gap from when the car is flipped and lands on the ground to the time it explodes. We can obviously see this from the spectators as mentioned but also if you look back to the scene, in merely seconds Han goes from being suspended from the seat belt to being up against the roof of the car which would be considered the ground since it got flipped etc. We can also see that he is able to move his hands a little and the gesture of his face seems to suggestion that he wants to speak. In my opinion these are all hinting at the possibility of a by standard or maybe someone from the F&F crew guiding him through a possible escape.

    Now these are my storyline suggestions to Chris M.& Justin L. for the remaining two films and they may seem far fetched but again they are my opinions/two cents of how the next F&F films should go down.

    F&F 6: Ok so we know that Michelle Rdz is possibly alive and that she and a crew of racers have robbed a Berlin bank as told by Eva Mendes to Dwayne Jhonson. I think that everyone that was in F&F 5 with the exception of Jordanna, Paul and obviously Matt “Vince”, should be in this one. Mia and Brian should be left out because of the whole baby on the way thing. At least they should be left out for a good portion of the film. To be honest I thought Mia’s running and jumping off buildings in F&F 5 was a bit much considering that she was at the time in her first trimester. 0_o?
    Anyways, this film should be filled with just as much action and racing as F&F 5 and maybe by the end of this film two things are reviled:
    1. Dwayne & Eva become part of the crew for whats to come in the last F&F film, where there should be an Ultimate King Pin that has been running and bossing around all the “small” global villians in the the F&F series. i.e.(Verone, Reyes, Braga, Takashi/ Yakuza etc.)
    2. Han’s GF in F&F 5 was sent to “do a woman’s job” and take revenge for Braga’s take down. Thus, turning on her new family from f&f 5 and why she wasn’t in F&F 3.
    So before I try and explain how Han should have escaped the car explosion lets take a look back at Los Bandoleros and some lines from F&F 5 that reveal some things.

    So in Los Bandoleros, we see a close net friendship among Dom ,Santos, Leo, Han & Letty. Also, we get to see some of Santos’s family like his Aunt and possibly cousins or sisters serving food to Han and Dom and some kids from the neighborhood.

    In F&F 5 it is revealed that Leo’s Mom is the worst cook because she was always burning things. Also, it seems that everyone had a life before the whole crew formed. So…. what I was thinking was maybe having the same people in Los Bandoleros play a role in Han’s escape. Maybe having Santos and Leo being ex-Firefighters (because his mom could burn down the house) and Santos’s sister/cousin (the one that was washing dishes and serving lemonade in los bandoleros) being a nurse who happens to know some Japanese because she moved to Japan some time back. This could be due to the fact that Santos helped her get through school and finally becoming a nurse while he and leo worked as firefighters. Anyway we could say that Han called the old Los Bandoleros crew Dom, Letty and Santos’s sis/cousin included to help him escape. Maybe Santos would use a “fireblanket” as precaution to pull Han out. While Dom took over a taxi or a bystander’s car and helped drive them away. Then, everyone else is waiting for them in a nearby hideout. Maybe from this point on a romance ensues between the nurse and Han. Amongst his convos. with Dom he mentions Lucas Black as his newbie apprentice etc.

    F&F 7: Should def. start with the race between Dom and Lucus Black and ending with Dom taking him to the secret hideout where Han and the rest of the crew are. There should be a small cameo by bow wow. I think in this film there should be a transition to Madrid Spain as hinted in F&F 5. Now Dom and Han should call in back up (Tyrese, Dwayne & Eva) as the Ultimate King pin and some of his minions are still alive and plan to take out Dom and his crew etc. Obviously once they take out this King Pin and his minions the film should end with a decked out wedding. Where Paul finally marrys Jordanna, Dom marrys Letty and Han marrys Santos’s sister/cousin. The Best man for each should be as follows for Paul and Jordanna it should obviously be Tyrese. For Dom and Letty it should be Dwayne. For Han & Santos’s sis. it should be Santos himself or Lucus Black. 😀 & Then they live Happily Ever After with new ID’s

  22. The next movie is 100% is going to be in Berlin because Han and his GF are on highway and we can clearly see Berlin so and so km away. Also Letty hijacked military convoy in Berlin. Now what I guess that as we can see the plot is going from west( America) to east in Asia. I hope very much that F&F 6 won’t be plot prequel because I’ll die waiting for F&F 7. Unfortunlatey I guess F&F 6 will be before TD because we need explenation of DOM going to Japan. Cross your fingers and hope best for Han.

  23. hopefully Han got away, but I really don’t like the fact that Tokyo drift was the last movie i was hoping it would end with fast 5. But since it is then hopefully bowwow comes back. Obviously whichever order it is in the next movie will be in Russia. Also, why would Han rob the Japanese mafia if he’d already had millions from the robbery in Rio? And the little white kid has to have a big role in all of this because TD was all about him…And if TD was the last movie then what happend to Han being with the Army girl? I feel so lost

  24. Okay, I have just found a very interesting thing. On Sung Kang’s (Han) Facebook-page, Sung Kang posted a picture of a manuscript with the title “FAST 6”, and to the picture he has written “First week of shooting done. Good to see the Fast family again.”. That means that Sung Kang is back in F&F, but the big question now is: Do Fast 6 take place before, or after TD. I don’t think Fast 6 will take place before TD, because they already have make two movies like it, that have been filmed after TD. The Problem is, that when Fast 6 are comes out i 2013, will it be 7 years after TD, and just think how many things there has happened since 2006. And if Fast 6 take place after TD then this theory will actually bee right, and Han is not dead! Wonderful 🙂

  25. We can assume from this that Han is going to be in 6th movie. However I belive we can talk about three possibilities here:
    1: FF6,TD,FF7
    If you ask me this one is to be most likely. At the ending of FF6 Han Finaly reaches Tokyo starting events of TD while crew got seperated until next job. FF7 however would start after TD events, explaining us how Dom came to Japan and what happend to the rest of Fast crew. If you type ” list of fast and furious characters wiki” one of sites has a table with names of characters, in which movie they are and who is acting as character. We can see FF7 Sean Boswell and field Lucas Black. I suppose that confirms my teory number 1.
    As for this one It could be crew’s last job in FF7 without Han. What I mean is that plot of FF7 and TD are happening at same time, and at the end of FF7 Dom arrives at Tokyo.Although I belive this to be less likely
    3.TD, FF6, FF7
    Meaning that Han has survived crash and came back to Berlin. I doubt this very much

    After all I have to agree it is pointless to rob Japanese mafia while having Reyes Money. If my teory one is correct it could mean that Fast crew doesn’t pull the job or that they split up after FF6?

  26. but there is one from tokyo and fast five where is the chick that he was driving off with in fast five she wasnt in tokyo….

  27. In the end of fast five they are they show Dom and Brian in modern day at the time nissan GTR and a souped up 2011 Dodge Challenger, so it cant be before tokyo drift because none of those cars were later models than that so fast five has to be the official last one unless the newer installments use older model cars to offset the time

  28. That’s an Excellent point, however, in Tokyo Drift they never really give you an idea of what year that movie is based in. Therefore, I believe Justin Lin has decided that Tokyo Drift didn’t happen in 2006, it happened after 2011. And he can get away with that.

  29. Well, think of it this way, even though Fast & Furious and Fast 5 were based before Tokyo Drift, why would they make sure to comment on his ability to blend in anywhere if they didn’t want to make some sort of surprise scene where Han comes back and we find out the events in Tokyo Drift were staged? I still have a sneaking suspicion that he’s alive and well

  30. look people hans says in fast 5 that he was going to go to tokyo and this is what i think about the letty situation that she has been with another teem since the start and that she was given a second chance and not shot cause if u have seen the fast 6 trailer she is not the same letty we uesd to know so maybe she is showing her trueself but this is my theory

  31. Jason Stathum will play the bad guy in FF 7, he killed Han on purpose by plowing into him, he then calls Dom because the crew takes down his brother in FF 6 then Dom travels to Tokyo where he races Sean to gang up and revenge Hans death. Sorry for the spoiler

  32. And as we see at the end of ff6 SPOILERS BTW DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF FF6 Han dies killed by the British enemies brother probably hunting down the members of Doms crew that’s why Dom goes to Tokyo to bust this guy

  33. At the end of Fast and Furious 6 there is a flashback which dates back to Hans car burning in Tokyo drift, then I see Jason Statham was the one who crashed into him, threw Torreto’s chain and walked away…then the car blew up. I want to know how Han survived. But there is a strong villain ready for dom

  34. Another update: Tokyo drift is suppose to be set after Fast 6 that is why he dies. Jason Statham is starring as Ian Shaw, Owen Shaw’s brother

  35. But can anyone figure out why Han had to steal in TD when he already had millions from the robbery in Fast Five?

  36. FYI, all comments have to be approved by me before they show up here. A few people left great comments but I haven’t approved them yet because they contained spoilers. I’ll approve them when enough time has pasted that they would be considered spoilers.

  37. Han is alive look and focus at anything related to han friends family crew dom expression on his face is a give away he smiling bcuz he already knew he was dk and a chellenge he can’t just automatically know were they drift illegal if someone could just in Tokyo and know were happens then they would got busted long ago han fake his death bcuz to much heat on him han likes to smooth ops he boes not want heat think about watch f&f td f&f7 is ganna be a jod in Tokyo with han in it its perfect plot letty does not fake her death phenix or whatever his name is threw made hit her head and forget who she was and then they used her

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